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love deficient
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just so you know: I'm both simple and complex. I am both pro-choice and pro-life, for example. Sometimes I talk alot and other times I will not say a word. So I suprise alot of people when I become energetic. When I'm not the wallflower. Music is love. It has the most power over my mood. I listen to everything from downtempo to alternative. In my journal you'll find meager posts about t.v. shows/animes I'm watching, manga/books I just bought, woman whom I'm obscessed with, friends that should be more than friends (with me or otherwise). Sometimes you'll find an uber emo post, beware. Beware even of the "progress on world peace" post as well. I can be overly cheery at times. Extreme emotional posts are likely to be private. If I'm ever up to it, I may even rant about something.
i like to watch/play/read:
kingdom hearts, brigadoon, furi kuri, full moon wo sagashite, kaleido star, loveless, princess tutu, pretear, eureka seven, blood+, bleach, air, kashimashi, tetragrammaton labyinth, strawberry panic!, sukishio, pokemon, avatar: the last airbender, tokyo mew mew, harvest moon, rune factory, star ocean, bionic woman, csi:miami, the L word, tenchi muyo, Silent Hill, Death Note, Venus Versus Virus, hannah montana, that's so raven, kim possible, exes & ohs, rick & steve;